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The Art of  True Transformation

Begins october 27th

A 9-month expansive group experience to help you develop unshakeable confidence in your intuitive gifts so that you can permanently liberate any blockage or trauma for your clients in one session.


Over the last 10 years, I’ve been the go-to guy for people who feel hopeless in their healing and transformation.


People who have tried EVERYTHING to get the everlasting results they need:


Hypnotherapists, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Plant Medicine, Breathwork, Spiritual Coaches, etc…


So what makes my approach unique, and what does it have to do with you?


Well, I believe change is meant to be quick and easy, and it all starts with calling forth your unique mastery.


There’s NO reason why someone should have to come back to you (or anyone) for the same issue twice!


What’s unique about my approach is that I’ve learned certain Hypnosis principles and developed channeling abilities that allow me to bridge my therapeutic skills with Source guidance to facilitate lasting transformation with grace and ease.


In short...


The Art of True Transformation involves 3 things:


- Love

- Skill

- Wisdom


All 3 of which I KNOW that you are already well versed in!


The only thing is you either... 

- lack confidence in your unique gifts or...

- you’re already badass at what you do and you’re simply looking for ways to sharpen and enhance your methods!


Does this speak to you?

  • You’re naturally intuitive, but you also experience an “on” and “off” connection with your spiritual gifts which makes them feel unreliable at times

  • Sometimes, when helping others, you're effortlessly able to channel life-changing wisdom, and other times, you’re left wondering where your “magic” has gone— which can make your efforts feel draining instead of fulfilling!

  • Your amazing at being able to identify your client’s limiting beliefs and core wounds, but you have a challenging time communicating your insights in a way that creates massive shifts and lasting transformation

  • You’re amazing at the modalities and skills that you’ve learned, but often find yourself feeling limited by the techniques, methods and/or scripts that you were taught and are ready to move beyond them into more of your own unique mastery

  • You’re always able to help your clients and find greater relief or clarity, but in some cases you recognize that they didn’t get exactly what they were looking for… leaving your clients to potentially seek help elsewhere


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience the fullness of your intuitive gifts and have mind-blowing sessions, every single time!


Believe me, I’ve been where you are… 


Knowing that I was extremely gifted at facilitating healing and transformation in people’s lives, yet lacking certainty in my ability to channel Source energy and use my skills in a way that felt effortless, reliable, and masterful!


This is why I’ve devoted the last 10 years of my life to supporting Transformational Leaders in overcoming self-doubt, developing unshakeable confidence in their unique gifts, and learning how to permanently liberate any blockage or trauma in ONE session.

Just like these 
Next-Level Clients


Here's How We Do It

Liberate Your Shine

Amplify Your Mastery 

Unleash Your Gifts


Most Transformational Leaders think mastering your Intuitive Gifts takes hard work...


That you need:


1. Hours of meditation

2. Consistent Daily Practices

3. Plant Medicine




To be enlightened like the Buddha and be completely free of all your traumas

Well guess what… You Don’t


Channeling Source, your Higher Self, and your Spirit Guides can be natural and effortless for you!


All we need to do is make you conscious of what you’re already experiencing unconsciously, which is easy when you have someone like me who is already living from that state and can guide you beyond your blindspots.


Because the truth is your soul-level gifts are your birthright!


The only thing between you and them is your subconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs


And the way you transcend those things is by recalibrating to your…



That’s why I created The Art of True Transformation.


Inside, I bring forth my 10 years of experience as a Hypnotist, Intuitive & Transformational Leader to call forth….




Because your only purpose is to be the unique you as FULLY as you can be so that you can radiate your brightest shine & impact the world in the way you’re destined to!


This is how I support all my clients!

2 copy.png

The Art of True Transformation

Is an immersive 9-month experience for Spiritual Coaches & Hypnotherapists who want to overcome self-doubt, develop unshakeable confidence in their intuitive gifts, and learn how to permanently liberate any blockage or trauma in ONE session.


1. The Last Transformational Program You Will Ever Need

You’re not just going to be learning another modality, we are going to be calling forth your unique mastery which will allow you to channel Source and access intuitive guidance at will


2. “No Fluff” Training
Everything I share with you will be immediately applicable and practical to your everyday life and client sessions.


3. Source-Led Guidance

All the training you receive will be uniquely designed for who you are and where you’re at in your growth & evolution, there are no cookie-cutter approaches.


4. Highly Engaged CommUnity

Benefit from expanding with other high-level Transformational Leaders walking a similar path and create lasting connections that may flourish into greater opportunities!


5. Never Feel “Behind”
There will be 2-weeks between calls and so you will have more than enough time to revisit the replays and practice your new skills regardless of what may be unfolding in your life.

Welcome to The Mastery Dojo


Here's What You Get Inside This High-Level Transformational Experience

  • 18 bi-weekly live group mentoring calls with me where you will receive Source-led training and have the opportunity to ask me direct questions to support your self-transformation and mastery

  • A highly engaged private community where you can share, grow, and practice with the other Transformational Leaders

  • My proven Higher Hypnosis method for entrancing others without the use of a formal induction, so that you can speak directly to your client’s “higher self” in a way that creates massive and lasting transformation

  • My signature True Transformation process for permanently alleviating any fear, blockage or trauma in one session

  • 4 private sessions with me to support you in your healing, liberation, expansion, intuitive gifts and/or purpose (for "pay in full" clients only)


Plus these next-level bonuses to help 

accelerate your results!


You will receive lifetime access to…

Bonus 1:
Master Hypnosis: My 5-star online hypnosis training course that will teach you the art of rapid and intuitive hypnosis for empowerment or entertainment purposes in just 2hrs (value $499)

Bonus 2:
Stop Smoking Hypnosis: My complete A-Z system for helping anyone stop smoking in 1hr by making them subconsciously believe that they never started! Includes marketing materials (value $999)


Bonus 3:
Soul Medicine “Healing Hypnosis”: My simple yet practical method for permanently alleviating any emotional trauma in one session.  Same method I used to facilitate healing for gallstones and epilepsy. (value $2000)


Bonus 4:
Opening To Channel: My “no fluff” training for developing and mastering your spiritual gifts so that you can channel Source (Spirit Guides, Angels, etc) with confidence and ease. (value $999)


Bonus 5:

True Transformation Library: A high-vibrational collection of 300+ videos to support you in developing your unique gifts, transforming your blockages into freedom, and supercharging your purpose.  Includes guided experiences, meditations, special guests, and so much more… (value $2000)



  • 18x bi-weekly 90min group mentoring calls

  • Private facebook community with your fellow peers

  • My proven Higher Hypnosis method for collaborating with your client’s unconscious mind

  • My signature True Transformation process for

  • permanently alleviating any blockage or trauma in one session

  • 4x private breakthrough sessions with David Lion (if you pay in full) 


(payment plan available)



  • 18x bi-weekly 90min group mentoring calls

  • Private facebook community with your fellow peers

  • My proven Higher Hypnosis method for collaborating with your client’s unconscious mind

  • My signature True Transformation process for permanently alleviating any blockage or trauma in one session

  • 12 monthly private mentorship sessions with David Lion

  • 24/7 Telegram access for quick questions & intuitive guidance


(payment plan available)

The Investment?


The Curriculum?


Pillar #1: I'll show you how to Liberate Your Heart by helping you to transform your deepest blockages into freedom so that you can become more radiant in your shine and become a better leader, channeller and lover— allowing you to  manifest more of the relationships, clients and opportunities that serve your highest purpose!

PILLAR #2: We will Clarify Your Gifts by showing you how to become crystal clear on the inner-workings of your channeling and intuitive gifts so that you can feel confident and inspired to offer your gifts in broader and more impactful ways!

PiLLAR #3: Then we will show you how to Maximize Your Potential by helping you to become crystal clear on your unique design (i.e who you're designed to serve, how your gifts show up for you, why your clients specifically need you, and what your soul is wanting you to focus on) so that you can better design your reality and work-life around your gifts and feel confident and capable to move beyond any techniques, scripts, or modalities that you feel limited by.

pillar #4: Whether you're a complete beginner or professional hypnotist, I will show you how to move beyond traditional hypnosis methods as we dive into Higher Hypnosis, which will help you to effortlessly captivate the hearts & minds of others without the use of a formal induction.  This fail-proof method will leave you feeling empowered in your ability to bypass your client's resistance and gain access to the root causes of their issues with grace and ease.

Pillar #5: Finally, we will dive deep into The Art of True Transformation, where I'll show you how to communicate your gifts and navigate your client's limiting beliefs, resistances, triggers and traumas in such a way that allows for mind-blowing and lasting transformation, every single time!— allowing you to feel magical AF and like you're truly serving your highest purpose and potential.


What You Will Walk Away With?

  • You feel a deep sense of knowing and certainty that every client (or loved one) who asks for your support is going to receive a life-changing and lasting transformation

  • Regardless of the issue, blockage or trauma that you’re presented with, you know with certainty that you can help them resolve it in a single session… even if no one else has been able to

  • You feel unshakeable confidence in your ability to channel Source energy and your Spirit Guides to provide guidance & wisdom that answers their deepest questions with precision and resonance

  • You're effortlessly able to lead anybody into a deep trance so that you can bypass their resistances and go straight to the core of their issues and desires without wasting time (no induction required!)

  • You feel empowered in your ability to navigate your own triggers, fears and blockages without worrying that you’ll be “stuck” for a long time or that they will throw you off your game— so that you can be more fully expressed in your radiance and shine!

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