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If you would like to express your love and support with a spirit-led donation, we greatly appreciate it! Feel free to include a message in the "notes" section, as we absolutely love reading them! 


A spirit-led donation is a powerful way to amplify your state of abundance and experience more wealth.


The difference between a spirit-led donation and a regular donation is that, with a regular donation, you generally give what you feel you can.


A spirit-led donation is letting your Spirit and intuition decide what’s best—even if it scares or stretches you.


Giving you the opportunity to step into more of the WEALTH of your Spirit, and thus experience more wealth!


The wealth of your spirit is always speaking to you and leading you in your every decision— 

The question is, do you listen to it?


Your intuition.

Your excitement.

Your inspiration.


All the wealth of your Spirit!


By choosing to live & give from the wealth of your spirit, you automatically amp your vibration out of “lack” and attract more wealth as a side-effect💫


This is why they say “the secret to living is giving”

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