White Magic Retreat

Enhance & Reveal Your Spiritual Gifts

March 29th - April 5th 2021  I  Desa Saya Resort, Bali

Imagine a 7-day multi-sensory, retreat experience in Bali, at a luxury resort, that is completely catered to the awakening and mastery of your spiritual gifts. The environment is tropical and high-vibrational, and you are surrounded by 10 other ascending masters and Light Leaders.

Desa Saya Resort is located on the north coast of Bali, away from tourists and the city.  Ideally situated right by the ocean where we will adventure to see dolphins in their natural habitat.  The surrounding area contains magical gems such as ancient temples, hot springs and rainforest waterfalls— making it the perfect environment to awaken your inner-gifts!

This experience is for you if:

✨ You desire a high-vibrational environment that amplifies your gifts

✨ You want to connect with other Light Leaders on the path of ascension

✨ You are excited by the idea of a no-fluff, practical approach to spiritual gifts and true mastery

✨ You would like to know EXACTLY how your gifts work, who they're designed for, and how to further ignite their power

✨ You are ready to transition from being the magician to being magic

THOTH, an ascended master and keeper of wisdom, will be your core teacher.


He began channeling through me in 2015 and his since become somewhat of a best-friend and mentor.


Together, our mutual passion for teaching the inner-workings of magic in a grounded and practical way to offer you a unique rite of passage experience unlike any other in existence.



by definition is “Source in action”

What you will learn at this 7-day retreat experience in Bali as you attune to higher-levels of Source consciousness is:

💎 How to consciously access your gifts at will

💎 Your unique design, and who you are most designed to serve for maximum magical impact

💎 How to effortlessly connect with your Spirit Guides and have them teach your essential lessons that will amplify your synchronicity

💎 Navigating yourself when you're in a rut, and feel like you've lost touch with Source and your inner-guidance

💎 What it takes to transcend from modality to mastery— so that you're not limited by anyone's teachings! (even mine!)


A rite of passage is essentially a gateway into your higher-consciousness— think of it as upgrading your satellite signals


The initiation that THOTH will be providing you with will serve to unlock and awaken your dormant, deeper-level gifts by connecting you with your parallel-incarnations that embody these gifts through hypnosis and white magic.

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If you are ready and EXCITED to live your highest potential in a new and profoundly life-changing way, here is what you will walk away with:

☀️ Greatly enhanced-sense of psychic ability

☀️ The ability to consciously access your gifts at will (not just when your helping others)

☀️ Profound confidence in who you are, as well as your gifts

☀️ Crystal clear connection to Source, your Spirit Guides and your extra-dimensional senses

☀️ A blueprint of your unique design so that you can create your reality to best serve your inner-magic and purpose

☀️ Grounded and practical energetic tools and techniques that are simple, effective and easily made your own— so that you can pay them forward!

☀️ Lifelong friends and soul family that passionately support your growth and ascension path

☀️ Reignited sense of passion, purpose and clarity on your next steps


And of course, so much more!

Only the divine knows what will truly unfold here!

Special Guest

Daniela Gil

Daniela is a spiritual teacher who is renowned for her psychic capacity and the crystalline clarity with which she shares the guidance, insight and energy of the Akashic Records. She’s known as “the psychic’s psychic” and “the healer’s healer” - working with and training many incredible and influential spiritual teachers, coaches, wellness practitioners and trusted voices in the fields of spirituality, metaphysics, and self-development. 


Daniela’s work catalyzes an elevation and expansion of consciousness and inspires an embodiment of greater love, trust and possibility. She’s devoted to supporting the shift from a state of dependency and seeking, where many look to an external teacher, savior, or religion for spiritual information and personal growth, to a state of empowerment - where we collectively claim responsibility for our spiritual evolution and remember ourselves to be the source of it all and one with divinity. Daniela is led by love and her intention is to activate the realization, remembering, and embodiment of the immense love, possibility, and divine perfection that we are and life is. 


Daniela shares her Akashic Practitioner Trainings, retreats, group speaking engagements, and one-on-one Akashic Sessions internationally, and hosts yearly retreats and trainings in Los Angeles, New York, the Greek Islands and Bali (plus additional new locations each year!). 

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*Limited spaces available

Early Bird Bonuses

Take advantage of this early-bird offer by applying for the White Magic retreat experience with David Lion, THOTH and the ascending masters— and you will receive these special bonuses immediately as a bonus gift!

🎁 Light Body Activation

The purpose of this activation is to re-sensitize any dormant senses that you may have numbed out as a child so that you may re-attune to your Higher Self frequency.  This is the precise activation that I used to re-awaken my gifts back in 2012

🎁 Higher Self Attunement

Your Higher Self is composed of 5 key frequencies; passion, joy, creativity, excitement and love.  This activation will reconfigure your emotional body so that it vibrates in resonance with your greater being.

🎁 Doors of Passion

Discover and integrate the passions and unique gifts that most define your true, natural self— as well as discover how to transform unconscious blockages into empowerment so that you may liberate your highest self expression.

🎁 Higher Self Hypnosis

Rewire your subconscious behaviors and habits to be in alignment with your Higher Self's way of being so that you may effortlessly be pulled towards the most abundant and optimal path in your everyday life.

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