Meet Our Team  

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Magical Sidekick

Meet Aveyah! My magical sidekick and right-hand woman to Living Magic.  She is the reason why so much love and sparkling joy gets poured into EVERYTHING we create here on the platform.  From heartfelt email responses, to the magical web design, to thoughtfully coordinating all events, to ensuring that we are always being in service to you in the highest and most exciting ways possible!


Beyond being my best friend and teammate, Aveyah is also the embodiment of music and soulful expression; liberating the hearts of many through the magic of her voice.  There is truly no one quite like her in the world, and I am so blessed to have her by my side as we joyfully create Living Magic experiences for you guys!


Written by David Lion 

IG @Aveyah.Love

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Light Leader

Kyle Lipton, the young phenom that will capture your heart with his wit and wisdom.  Both as a comedian and clairvoyant, Kyle serves his mission of love simply being himself through his effortless gifts.  What I most appreciate about him is his ability to explore any topic or circumstance with kindness and without judgment, often using his sense of cosmic humor to shine light on the dark.


As an emanation of OSIRIS, Kyle’s role is to lead the magic suppressed in the depths of people’s hearts into self-realization, and attract lightworkers and light leaders who are ready to be more embodied in their greatness and purpose— leading seekers to the resources that may serve them towards their highest good and empowerment.  It is with great pleasure and honour to have my brother with me on this path, and I encourage you all to benefit from his light.

Written by David Lion

IG @Kylelipton

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Founder & Creator of Living Magic

David Lion is a mystic, channeler, master intuitive, psychic, creator of the Living Magic movement and above all, a shining emanation of unconditional love.  A love that empowers all, as it reflects the very same fabric of divine perfection of which we are all made of. 


His devotion to serving all with the purest heart and the highest integrity is his life’s work. His greatest joy and passion is leading others on their path of ascension by teaching them how to connect to Source in order to access, enhance and share their unique spiritual gifts. Thus, he is ever so intentionally planting the seeds for the world to further blossom into living, breathing magic. 


It is my greatest joy and honor to serve the Living Magic mission alongside my best friend and teammate as we continue to co-create experiences that bring out the magic in all!

Written by Aveyah

IG @Lionism