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Living Through Being 

6-month Ascension Group Mentoring

Online Experience

October 11th 2020 - April 11th 2021
Every Sunday from 1-4pm EST

How do you live entirely through BEING you?



Entirely through flow and synchronicity?


This has been my mastery most of my life.

I’ve always been someone who does NOT believe in hard work or struggle.


And as a result, not only do I never experience stress or anxiety, all my actions and manifestations are effortless.


Everything flows through me like a song does an artist, or a poem does a writer.


I open up and allow God to take over.

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We live in a day and age where more and more people are waking up to the idea that they can both live and thrive entirely through being themselves— however, often don’t know how.


Because of past conditioning.


The beauty in this is that it’s incredibly natural and simple because it’s who you truly are.


You are flow.

You are essence.

You are magic.


It does however, take courage.


Lots and lots of courage.


Especially if you have any judgment towards your true, authentic self.


The good news?


It’s who you are.

And it’s what you’re looking for anyway.


You want to just be you.

You want to experience more ease.

You want to experience more fulfillment.


You are the heaven that you seek!


The purpose of Living Through Being is to empower your self-leadership so that you can thrive in all areas of your life by simply BEING you.





Spiritual Gifts.


All of it.

Wealth is a choice, and it is the choice to be you at every moment.


To show up with the abundance of yourself no matter what.


This is the path of the Wealthy Spirit.


As a mystic and hypnotist, my gift is in being able to see the deeper you, and lead you to it.


Your unconscious beliefs and programs are transparent to me, and your potential is crystal clear.


Not just because I’m psychic, but because I embody that state myself.


I live what I speak.


So in the sense, I serve as a tuning fork for your Soul.


I’ve often said, "your dreams are not a destination, they are a state of being"


And you can replace the word "dreams" with Heaven.


You must first learn to embody your dream-like state if you ever wish to live them.


Both for yourself, and your loved ones.


Through hypnotic exercises and channeled guidance, we will be rewiring your consciousness into ALIONMENT with your Higher Self.

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The only requirement?




Courage and full devotion to your Higher Self.


If that’s not there, than this is not for you.


What is not required?


Hard work.



Setting goals.

Forceful visions.

Marketing plans.


Why would you need any of those things if you know you attract EVERYTHING to you?


You have a unique energy signature.


Which means you are constantly vibrating and attracting everything that is meant for you, to you.


Your only job is to get out of the way, and let go of the beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you.


Thats it.


That’s why they say, 

“Let go and let God”


“When it's you its forced, when its God it flows”


The hardest thing about all of this, for me, was that I never saw the example of it.


I just knew it in my heart.


However, all the influence and inspirations around me, from Tony Robbins to Oprah to the top coaches, all spoke otherwise.


They all said that ONE thing that I never resonated with.


“Hard work is required”


Man is it ever challenging to live a truth that only you can see when 99% of the world is telling you otherwise, especially when you’re in your triggers.


Feeling like, "maybe they are right?"


"Maybe I’m bypassing"

"Maybe I’m being stubborn"

"Maybe I’m resisting cuz I just don’t want to work hard"


Self-doubt is a motherfucker!


Well, my friends, I can finally and happily tell you that after now having 9 different streams of income, being HAPPIER than I could ever be, and having everything I want in life...


I was right.


Passion is required.

Creativity is required.

Excitement is required.

Joy is required.


Hard work... 

Not at all required!


All that said,


If you’re ready to step into ALIONMENT, and you’re looking for a shining example of

true wealth, and not just financial success,


I would love to be of service to you so that you can become that example yourself 

for the planet and your loved ones.


We are here to shift the Wealth vibrations on the planet.


To show everybody that it’s entirely possible to THRIVE through simply being you.

Here’s more of what you can expect:


✨ How to connect directly to Source and your spiritual gifts

✨ Becoming crystal clear on your soul’s unique design (who you’re designed to serve, what your gifts are, etc)

✨ What your soul most wants you to create to best serve your purpose

✨ How to access infinite inspiration and creativity (your web of abundance)
✨ How your spiritual/intuitive abilities work (and how to maintain your connection)

✨ Where growth and expansion is most wanting to happen for you

✨ How to permanently release limiting beliefs and fears

✨ Where your greatest blocks are (and how to turn them into upgrades)

✨ How to best attune your energetic environment so that you can THRIVE

✨ What WEALTH truly means, and how to embody it (emotionally, spiritually & financially)

✨ Discover more of your Soul Family (so that you can support & inspire each other)

✨ How to use LOVE to empower & ignite every area of your Life

✨ How to communicate with your Spirit Guides to receive guidance & assistance

✨ The art of non-thinking (channeling your Higher Self)

✨ Where Magic meets Life, and how to let it eternally lead you to your dreams


      “You are the magic that you seek”

Package Options

  • 6-month Ascension Mentoring Experience (via Zoom)

  • Lifetime Access to Light Leader Facebook Community

  • Lifetime Access to "Living Through Being" replays 


  • Opening To Channel Course ($999 value)

$10 000 USD
  • 6-month Ascension Mentoring Experience (via Zoom)

  • Lifetime Access to Light Leader Facebook Community

  • Lifetime Access to "Living Through Being" replays

  • 1  Ticket to the White Magic Retreat in Bali ($3000 value)

  • 3 Private THOTH sessions with David Lion ($999 value)


  • Opening To Channel Course ($999 value)

  • Master Hypnosis Online Course ($499 value)

  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis Course ($997 value)

  • Soul Medicine "Healing Hypnosis" Course ($2000 value)

$15 000 USD

*Payment plans available: Options to pay in 3 or 4 monthly installments

*Initial deposit is $2000 USD

*All payment plans must be paid in full by February 14th, 2021

*Please note that all payments are final, we thank you for your commitment!

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