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Opening To Channel


Virtual Retreat


May 1st-May 7th, 2020

9-12pm PST/ 12-3pm EST


✨ Do you want to develop and master your channeling/ intuitive gifts?


✨ Are you interested in being able to access God/Source and your Spirit Guides at will?


✨ Are you ready to embody more of your SHINE and  higher purpose?


Lately, everyone's been asking be about "how to channel" and what it takes to develop and master your spiritual gifts.


Whether you're wanting to channel other beings/consciousness, your own higher wisdom, or simply channel inspiration for your creative endeavors— channeling is an important state to master.


And now, with the veils between the physical and non-physical worlds being so thin, it is the perfect time to learn how to master these gifts.


Channelling is a natural state of being that allows you to get into "the flow" or in "the zone", and beyond that, it allows you to communicate with Source/God consciousness so that you can easily navigate yourself through life, even amidst chaos.

✨ Navigate yourself through hard times with ease

✨ Communicate with other beings, consciousnesses, ETs

✨ Access higher wisdom so that you can learn things you don't know

✨ Connect directly to God/Source or even your Spirit Guides

✨ Effortlessly ignite states of creativity and inspiration

 ✨Tune-in to what's going on in the world or collective (energy reports)

✨ Read people's energetic field so that you can better understand them


The list truly goes on.

Channelling is perfect if you want to learn how to:


The GOOD news is that it's incredibly easy to learn how to channel, it's simply a matter of getting out of your own way.

And with the right guidance, training, and space to practice, this can be accomplished in a matter of days.

My personal journey with channeling and using my gifts comes from within, I didn't learn anything in books.

Therefore everything I teach comes from my direct experience and inner-wisdom.


For 8 years now, I have been helping Light Leaders (those choosing to live their light) of all kinds unlock and awaken their dormant gifts and abilities. I've worked with everyone from complete beginners, life coaches, therapists, psychologists, to master psychics and healers.


The reason why this is easy and simple to learn is because you're not going to be learning anything new,

you're going to be bringing attention to something you've been doing unconsciously (or perhaps consciously) all along, and turning up the volume.


My energy naturally serves as a "tuning fork" and catalyst to awaken and ignite the gifts of those I work with because I embody the magical state.

Similar to how a happy person is a catalyst to creating more happiness in others.

This is perfect for you if you are looking to:

☀️ Experience more liberation and aliveness inside your body

☀️ Feel more clear and creative, with less blockages

☀️ Experience more of the magic of life (and communicate with other beings)

☀️ Feel more connected to God/Source energy in a way that's practical

☀️ Receive clearer messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels

☀️ Know how to ALWAYS navigate yourself through life (even during this pandemic)

☀️ Strengthen your connection with your Higher Self

☀️ Amplify your states of abundance and alignment

☀️ Ignite your creativity with ease and joy

☀️ Feel more in-tune with All That Is and psychic AF!


Your mystical gifts are your birthright, and now, more than ever, it is ESSENTIAL for you to own your gifts.

In the same way that we need the sun in it's shine, we need YOU in your shine!

For that is your only purpose... to SHINE!

By the end of this 7-day Virtual Retreat experience, you will walk away with:

💎 The ability to consciously access your gifts at will

💎 The knowing of how your gifts work (and do not work)

💎 Experience in using your gifts so that you build momentum and confidence

💎 Strengthened connection to God/Source consciousness, your Spirit Guides and Angels 

💎 Your unique soul's blueprint (so that you can design your life around your gifts)

💎 Principles that you can eternally apply to navigate yourself through Life's hardships

💎 A greater sense of clarity and alignment as you move forward in your next steps

💎 Tools and "mystic meditations" that you can always use to exercise your gifts

💎 Access to a commUnity of Light Leaders who share your passions and purpose

💎 An amplified sense of love in your heart and peace in your mind

💎 The knowing that magic is entirely real, and you are that magic

💎 Greater connection to your inner-mastery, genius, and wisdom

💎 Access to new levels of your gifts and abilities that you were not conscious of


My intention?

To make this so simple for you that a 9yr old can understand it. 


No fluff.

Package Options

  • 7-day Virtual Retreat Pass

  • Lifetime Access to Replay

  • Mystic Meditations Collection

  • Lifetime Access to Light Leader CommUnity

$499.00 USD
  • 7-day Virtual Retreat Pass

  • Lifetime Access to Replay

  • Mystic Meditations Collection

  • Lifetime Access to Light Leader CommUnity

  • Healing Hypnosis Training ($2000 value)

  • Rapid Hypnosis Training ($499 value)

  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis Training ($997 value)

  • Lifetime Access to Hypno Dojo FB Group (Priceless)

  • Private THOTH Channeling “Ascension” Session ($333 value)

$997.00 USD
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Special GuestS

Daniela Gil

Daniela is a spiritual teacher who is renowned for her psychic capacity and the crystalline clarity with which she shares the guidance, insight and energy of the Akashic Records. She’s known as “the psychic’s psychic” and “the healer’s healer” - working with and training many incredible and influential spiritual teachers, coaches, wellness practitioners and trusted voices in the fields of spirituality, metaphysics, and self-development. 


Daniela’s work catalyzes an elevation and expansion of consciousness and inspires an embodiment of greater love, trust and possibility. She’s devoted to supporting the shift from a state of dependency and seeking, where many look to an external teacher, savior, or religion for spiritual information and personal growth, to a state of empowerment - where we collectively claim responsibility for our spiritual evolution and remember ourselves to be the source of it all and one with divinity. Daniela is led by love and her intention is to activate the realization, remembering, and embodiment of the immense love, possibility, and divine perfection that we are and life is. 


Daniela shares her Akashic Practitioner Trainings, retreats, group speaking engagements, and one-on-one Akashic Sessions internationally, and hosts yearly retreats and trainings in Los Angeles, New York, the Greek Islands and Bali (plus additional new locations each year!). 

Lucie Lynch

Lucie Lynch is an international Singer/Songwriter, Soul Sound Alchemist and High On Life Coach, originally from Hamburg Germany. Her heartfelt desire is to create space for people to remember who the are and that every human being is inherently worthy and valuable. She supports people in finding their voice and express their own truth in unique and powerful ways. She also has a way to activate joy in peoples hearts that is independent of the appearances of the outside world.


Before moving to Honolulu in 2011 she traveled the globe for 5 years with her backpack and her guitar to find the song of her own soul. In Hawaii, she received her Yoga Instructor Certification on Kauai and went on to offer live music Yoga classes in Yoga studios all over the world. 


Since 2015, Lucie discovered a deeper calling to dedicate her practice and studies to the healing element of music, sound and frequencies. With gongs, voice, guitar, ocean drum, and crystal singing bowls she creates a peaceful oasis for deep relaxation and ease. Her live channeled meditations always carry a magical message for everyone.

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