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I waited awhile before writing this feedback and I am glad I did. I feel I can give an honest review of my experience with Lion's Soul Medicine. Soul Medicine is beyond anything I have experienced before. To be honest I was a bit skeptical. I’ve had multiple healing sessions prior for the same issue from other practitioners which resulted only as a temporary fix. My results with Lion was drastic. I noticed I haven’t had a reoccurring incident so I am experiencing a lasting improvement for sure. I am ecstatic! Thank you kindly Lion for your gift of healing. You are truly magical and I am forever grateful.

- Cholee Spicer


I really just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me during my holiday in Mtl. You honestly gave me... ME back! :) Which is ironic, because I had absolutely no idea that I had lost my true self along the way, the Joline that I really love...

Lion, you lifted the hurt I had been carrying with me, you put the childlike twinkle back into my eyes, you brought back the hope in me, you opened my heart again, you gave me back my playful nature, you lifted the jadedness I had developed towards love, you made me believe in loving passionately and fearlessly again, you brought back my bouncy-overjoyed-for-no-reason-self... you gave me back my spirit Lion, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for everything :)

- Joline Nelson


David Lion is a pioneer in the art of reaching your inner purpose. I was so lost and blocked and felt uneasy all the time and I couldn't figure out why. He helped lead me to the door that I had to open myself so that I could start to grow and rebuild. My path is so clear now and I feel so much gratitude. Thank you David!

- Josh Jordan


It was a truly amazing workshop! Really felt comfortable with all of you like being with family!! I always feel good after the workshops but now I feel like a I have a true sense of my purpose with more direction and I'm soo excited for this journey, I feel blessed to know that we have each other you are all so unique and gifted I am so lucky to have met you! Thank you soooo much David Lion for helping me open my eyes, you were born to mentor!! Love all of you!

- Angel McLellan


I loved each moment of this night Mr. D. It was fun to be with all of you guys. Truly magic! Thank you! There is this ability to be all connected, no judgement, being vulnerable, being authentic, and still have fun even beyond the shit. I get a lot about my potential. How I can be into my heart and be confidence in who I am. Let me BE with a sense of joy and fun, BE exactly as the sun is and enjoy co-creation. Love U :))

- Thomas Courcol


I really likedd this one !! I wanna thank all of you. I’ve got a lot of clarity for my path..I understood that I shouldn’t focus on Doing something, for me the focus will be on BEEING let myself be different in session (leading the direction, not entering in their energy). I really need to feel and enjoy what I’m doing first, after the rest will flow with no efforts and I expand on writing, group sessions or whatever I ENJOY :) Love, love, lovee 😊 Im happy to feel Hope again in my "work"!

- Neriman Gocken


What can I tell about David Lion? He is an amazing and unique talent. He has many tools to help anyone using many different approaches. He will tell you only what you are ready to hear so that you can be move along with carefully personalized guidance. What he does can not be labeled as just one thing alone.

He is one of those souls that is here to help people. He intuitively knows you better than you know yourself. When you are ready and have become aware that you need help. He is the guy to go and see. His guidance comes in the way of him helping you figure who you are and what you want to be. And answer any questions you might have. He sees your potential, even if you don't. Yet, he will never tell you exactly what to do. So, I ask you, are you ready to experience this wonderful soul the universe just landed on your doorstep?

- Enzo Mecca


It was truly one of the best workshops! Thanks to the “movie” meditation, i was able to see the next step, and why my path has crossed with each and everyone in this beautiful life family. A branch of a growing tree. Thank you David and everyone!! xoxo I wish i could hug you all right now!! Xo

- Lori M.


David did for me what no other person was able to and that's give me the tools to heal myself. I was totally skeptical at first but all of that vanished when in 10 minutes he read my life story and was able to break down layers of emotional garbage I had been holding on to for years. What I love about Lionism is that he gives you the keys to unlock your intuition and rediscover your inner magic.

- Steven Edwards


David, thank you again for such a wonderful Soul Workshop! You have such an amazing ability to be tuned in, tapped in and wholeheartedly connect with us/ participants. Thank you for taking us through the exercises that allowed us to get more in tune with ourselves, that higher part of ourselves so that we can re-connect with our original state of being, which is pure joy... Through the exercises I received a clearer vision as to where my work is taking me next and I have to say I am truly excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! <3

- Luz Calderon


Meeting up with David Lion and the rest of the group every week has been truly therapeutic to me, I get to learn so much more about myself by shedding light on issues that require healing, how to pursue my passions without fear, how to tap into my higher self, trust my intuition and finally accept that life is meant to be simple/straightforward despite all its complexities. Plus, the vibe is always so chill and open... I can honestly say that after much turmoil and worrying, I'm finally starting to trust that the Universe is and will always be on my side. I haven't felt this much inner peace EVER! Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xx

- Aiza Ntibarikure


I went to David for a hypnotherapy session, because I was undergoing emotional issues that needed some healing. David is so connected to his intuition that he can easily figure out exactly what he needs to say or do, simply by listening to his inner voice-it's incredible. By the end of our session, I felt like someone who had just stepped outside after being trapped indoors for a long time. Many questions that I'd been asking myself for months were answered that day, and I was able to feel a new sense of power, inspiration and confidence that I hadn't felt in a long time. Anyone can benefit from a healing session with David Lion, who is living proof that magic is very real.

- Rayanne Papps


David, David, David. I have so much to say about this beautiful soul. David has dedicated his life to answering his calling so that others can do the same. He shows up fully for his life and purpose. He bravely pushes through life’s challenges and always finds a way to be lighthearted, caring, loving, not to mention FUN! :) He sure knows how to have fun and not take life too seriously.

He’s transformed some of my darkest times into pure lightness. Till this day, I have no idea how he does that. He is an emblem of light, a symbol of courage, and an example for all to never forget the kid in us, to have fun with the waves of change, to inspire others by being who we are, to give back to others, and to share all the beautiful gifts that life offers us. David holds a special place in my heart. To me, he will always be the truest definition of magic. I love you my friend. Keep inspiring the world. We can all use some more magic and beauty in our lives. :)

- Rita Jade

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