who thIS is for?

This is for spiritual seekers who are highly committed living their truth, shining their brightest light, and living their greatest love story.


The path of Ascension (following your heart’s divine guidance) is truly only for the courageous.


That said, this is also for those of you who are tired of living from a space of struggle & exhaustion and who desire to live more from passion & excitement.


“Heaven is not a destination, it's a state of being"

This Mystery School experience is for you if:

  • You are committed to living your highest truth in life

  • You seek to be an example of the highest love possible

  • You desire to be the unique you as FULLY as you can be

This does not mean that you have to be perfect.


This simply means that you are committed to growing yourself, living your purpose, and bringing positivity into people’s lives to the best of your ability.

Mystic Library

Explore and experience over a decade’s worth of David Lion's channelled, spiritual content designed to empower and support you on your ascension journey.


The Mystic Library features hundreds of in-depth videos, guided experiences, and spiritual training on topics such as:

  • Spiritual Growth & Ascension

  • Self-Healing Techniques

  • Effortless Manifestation (Living Magic)

  • Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Spirit Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters

  • High-Vibrational Wealth & Creativity

  • Divine Love & Relationships

  • Mystic Meditations & Hypnosis

And so much more!

This ever-expanding Living Library and CommUnity is designed to support you in your spiritual evolution, mystical embodiment, cosmic relationships, and eternal passion for higher learning.

Imagine a space where everything you want to learn about, from mystical embodiment, to self-healing techniques, to cosmic relationships, is directly at your fingertips.


From spontaneous LIVE events, to an ever-expanding living library filled with hundreds of high-vibrational content, special guest "Ascending Masters" classes, as well as a thriving community of Light Leaders there to support you…


This Mystery School is our greatest service to the planet.

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light leader community

Imagine a space where your mystical shine and full-spectrum expression is more than welcome.


Where you can receive unlimited support from other lightworkers, mystics, psychics, and healers— as well as the support of our personally trained Light Leaders who have gone through our “Opening To Channel” training.


A space where you can express and share your gifts, and meet other like-hearted souls that are also EXCITED about their path of ascension.


When you join The Mystery School you will also receive lifetime access to the Light Leader community, where you can:

  • Express and share your gifts in a safe environment

  • Discover a deep sense of belonging and acceptance

  • Receive support from the other mystical members

  • Connect with other like-hearted souls and meet new friends

  • Gain access to exclusive trainings, offers, & livestreams

This thriving community offers you the opportunity to grow your gifts, illuminate your heart, and expand your soul, in a way that empowers you to truly live your brightest SHINE.

mystery school

Every so often, we will be hosting a LIVE, virtual Mystery School event (via Zoom) to support your expansion, healing, & mystical embodiment.

David Lion & Aveyah, will bring forth channelled transmissions, spiritual guidance, and healing frequencies that are deeply resonant, grounded, and transformative to your life experience.

You will learn how to:

  • Awaken and enhance your spiritual gifts

  • Transform your blockages into freedom

  • Effortlessly create the life of your dreams

  • Deepen your connection with Source inside your heart

  • Manifest true love within and with-out (externally)

  • Permanently dissolve insecurities, triggers, & traumas

  • Use your energetic/mystical gifts in a practical way

  • Become crystal clear on your next steps in life

  • Liberate your mind and supercharge your intuition

  • Feel ALIVE, joyful and liberated in your relationships

  • Be the unique YOU as fully as you can be with confidence & ease

“Your only purpose is to SHINE” - THOTH


Embodying your Magical Self and Gifts is all about being highly committed to your growth, deeper truth, and love above all else.


This is truly the greatest service you can offer the planet.


Ascending masters

From time to time, we will also be introducing you to other next-level magical teachers who have genuinely impacted and impressed us in our own lives.


Some of which are very well known public figures, and others are what you might call “hidden gems” that you probably would have never discovered unless synchronicity led you to them.


In both cases, it is truly my highest excitement to be able to introduce you to some of my own personal inspirations, mentors, teachers, and healers who have blown my mind with their mystical gifts, as well as served me deeply with their heart's shine.


As you may know, I have very high-standards, and so I can assure you that you will absolutely LOVE our featured Ascending Masters.


what you get

Our inspiration in birthing this Mystery School was, and is, to create a space where you can get everything you need for your personal & spiritual growth in one place.


Which requires you to be able to learn from so much more than just THOTH and myself, which is why we also decided to include the LIVE and interactive masterclasses offered by the Ascending Masters, as well as the Light Leader community 

to truly offer you a high-vibrational, full-spectrum experience.

When you sign up for the Mystery School today, you will receive:

  • Exclusive access to spontaneous, LIVE virtual events (via Zoom)

  • Instant access to hundreds of David Lion’s channelled videos (spiritual gifts, self-healing, divine relationships, wealth & creativity, etc)

  • Exclusive access to “Ascending Masters” live sessions (via Zoom)

  • Lifetime access to the “Light Leader Community” FB Support Group

  • Access to the replays of all Mystery School events

  • Tons of Mystic Meditations & Guided Experiences

  • Street Magic & Hypnosis performance and training videos

  • Full-length private client session videos led by David Lion

  • A guided “trauma release” Healing Hypnosis experience

  • Angel techniques and methods of permanently alleviating triggers & insecurities

  • Full-length podcast episodes with David Lion

  • Exclusive offers, deals, opportunities not found anywhere else

And so much more!

Upon joining, in the interest of offering you the most enjoyable student experience, you will also be emailed download instructions for the Mystery School app— allowing you greater ease and simplicity!


what you CAN EXPECT

This Mystery School is one of our greatest gifts to the planet.


We deeply understand how challenging it can be to find spiritual teachers that you resonate with, who are truly masterful, and can teach your about your mystical gifts without the fluff.

That said, it is our commitment to offer you only the highest quality content, teachings, and special guests that will genuinely empower, liberate, and transform your life inside and out.

Through immersing yourself in the Mystery School, Mystic Library & Light Leader Community, you will learn how to:

  • Develop and enhance your spiritual gifts

  • Use your energetic/mystical gifts in practical ways

  • Deepen your connection with Source within your heart

  • Discover how to live a life of flow, ease, & effortlessness

  • Communicate with your Spirit Guides, Angels & Cosmic Beings

  • Dissolve karmic love blockages & bring harmony to your relationships

  • Live entirely through passion, excitement, & inspiration

  • Embody your Higher Self & multi-dimensional nature

  • Transform blockages into clarity & freedom

  • Permanently heal triggers, insecurities, and traumas

  • Clear abundance blocks & embody the wealth of your spirit

  • Unleash your creativity & attract your soul tribe

  • Manifest your True Love within and with-out

  • Navigate Soul Mate & Twin Flame relationships

  • Silence your mind & amplify your intuition

  • Heighten your energetic sensitivity and awareness

  • Become crystal clear on your next steps in life

  • Discover your deepest passions & transcend limitations

  • Deeply understand the inner-workings of your creative & mystical gifts

  • Embody your greatest SHINE so that you may discover harmony, fulfillment & purpose

meet david lion & thoth

David Lion is a pure-hearted Mystic, Channeller, Psychic & Hypnotist, who is passionate about helping spiritual seekers and lightworkers embody their higher self, liberate their hearts, and master their spiritual gifts.


However, beyond his labels, his devotion is quite simply to being an expression and example of the highest love possible.


His personal journey with channeling and using his mystical gifts comes from within, not from anything he learned in books. Therefore everything he teaches comes from direct experience and inner-wisdom.


For 10 years now, David Lion has been helping Light Leaders (those choosing to live their light) and Healers of all kinds liberate themselves, harmonize their relationships, and awaken their dormant gifts & abilities.


He’s worked with everyone from complete beginners, life coaches, therapists, psychologists, to master psychics and healers.


On 10/01/2015, an Ascended Master named THOTH, most commonly known as the god of magic & wisdom, appeared to David in the physical realm.


“We’re going to be working together”, he exclaimed.


It wasn’t long before David remembered that THOTH had been his Divine Mentor for many lifetimes, and they were simply continuing the work that they set forth eons ago.


From that moment forward, they began to work more intimately together to assist others on their path of ascension, self-realization, mystical mastery.


This is where the Mystery School will serve you greatly.


Rather than simply learning spiritual knowledge, techniques, and modalities, everything that you learn will be about attuning you to your own unique design and mastery.


Your unique magic.


And since David Lion embodies the magical state, his energy naturally serves as a “tuning-fork” and catalyst to awaken more of the magic within.


Much in the same way that being around an extremely happy person all the time is sure to shift you into more happiness.


Through Source Channeling & Higher Hypnosis, David Lion, THOTH, and The Angels will be leading you through various activations, sacred teachings, and training exercises— as well as directly answering your deepest questions so that you can more greatly embody your Magical Self & Gifts as well.


“You are the magic that you seek”



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