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Our Purpose

The purpose of Living Magic is to ignite the joy and magic in people’s hearts.


“To inspire you to live through the magic of your being” - Aveyah


To have you remember who you are through love, and have you feel excited & supported by Life.


“I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to love you. Love will teach you” - The Angels


When I first started Living Magic, I simply wanted to make the world a better place.


However, after my awakening, I realized that so many others had forgotten the real magic in their hearts.


The kind that you read about in fairytales.


I can tell you without doubt, and without waiver, that real magic is real.


And that YOU are the magic that you’re looking for.


You are magic in human form, remembering that you’re infinite.


Your spiritual gifts, your dance with life called “synchronicity”— all emanations of your magic.


You know on some level, be it consciously or unconsciously, that magic exists.


Because the magic of YOU exists.


And here at Living Magic, we are here to remind you where magic meets Life


And that you ARE that magic.


Remember you.


Be you.


Shine bright.


So that the whole world may rejoice in your delight.

Our Mission

Our mission, quite simply, is to love and serve.


“Love all, serve all”


We will be your ambassadors of Light, your Light Leaders, until the day that you fully remember who you are.


Thank you for being here on the planet with us, and for shining so brightly at this time.


The universe would truly not be the same with YOU.


Thank you.

A Friendly Reminder

Your only purpose is to SHINE.


To be the unique you as fully & expressed as you can be.


Alive, liberated and joyful!


And just like the Sun, 

as a side-effect of your SHINE,

you will help people, heal hearts, ignite joy, alleviate sorrow & attract commUnity.


There is no need to effort or push.


Simply be you and SHINE.


That is your forever and eternal purpose.


Shine & Rise my friends.



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